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How Important is "The Bottom Line"?

September 25, 2016  By Andy Wright

You often hear the phrase ‘this is the bottom line’ as a justification for any decision or course of action both in business life, and in the world in general. Where does this phrase come… Read More

Motivating Older Workers

September 15, 2016  By Thomas Boyle

ARE YOU LOSING OUT ON THE SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE OF YOUR OLDER WORKERS? “How are you doing Geoff?” I ask of my soon-to-retire colleague. “Oh not bad Tom – 4 months, 26 days and …… Read More

Time Management

Time Management: Small Changes = Big Results

September 8, 2016  By Becky Bevers

If you never seem to have enough hours in the day, better time management is essential to you achieving your goals. Whether it’s in your job or your lifestyle as a whole, learning how to… Read More

Effort Creep

September 1, 2016  By Alina Lebed

“We thought it would take a week, but …” Continuing on the topic of Project Creeps – see previous posts “Hope Creep” – this post is about the phenomenon of effort creep. Everyone has experienced… Read More

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